uMAMA researcher wins award at the First Symposium of International Network of Michelin cities, at Clermont-Ferrand University, France

Benjamin Batinge, a doctoral candidate of Stellenbosch University and a member of the urban Modelling and Metabolism Assessment (uMAMA) Research Team attended the First Symposium of International Network of Michelin cities in 2017, to share his latest research: “Implications of urbanization in sub-Saharan African cities on sustainable energy access”. The paper, co-authored by Mr Batinge and his PhD advisors; Prof. Musango and Prof. Brent, examines the state of African cities by 2030 and the implications of rapid urbanization in cities on sustainable energy access. The study used four African cities namely Lagos – Nigeria, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, and Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of Congo. Mr. Batinge was awarded the 2017 Jean Monet prize for an original work by a young researcher.

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Mr. Batinge received the Jean Monnet Young Researcher prize for original work at City Hall – Clermont-Ferrand.

The prize for senior researcher was awarded to Paul James from University of Western Sydney, Australia for his work: “Alternative Paradigms for Sustainability: Decentring the Human without Becoming Posthuman”.

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Prof. Paul James and Mr. Benjamin received the Jean Monet prizes at City Hall – Clermont-Ferrand

The symposium, which took place between the 27th of November and 1ST December 2017, brought together stakeholders from academia industry and local government authorities including mayors from major cities in Europe, to deliberates on the challenges presented by the increasing size of the cities, the amount of resources required and the complexity of modern society.
The key speakers at the symposium were Maja Göpel from Wuppertal Institute in Germany, Paul James from University of Western Sydney, Australia, and Aleix Altimiras Martin, Universidad Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. They gave lectures and presented papers pertaining to environment and climate change, sustainability and resilience of cities, and urbanisation and resource flows. The papers presented at the conference will be published as chapters in a book forthcoming in June 2018 titled: “Sustainable Cities”.

The conference was organized in sessions themed: Sustainable Cities, Concepts and Methodology, Environment and Sustainable Cities, Social and sustainable Cities, Energy and Smart Cities. There were also round table discussions with former deputies of the European parliament; Ilona Graenitz, Zofija Mazek Kukovic, Danielle Auroi, and Jean Paul Besset on the topic “Europe and Sustainable Development”.