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Dr Benjamin Batinge
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Doctoral Researcher

Benjamin Batinge is a PhD Candidate in the School of Public Leadership within the Economic and Management Sciences Faculty of the Stellenbosch University. Benjamin holds an MPhil. in System Dynamics from the University of Bergen, Norway following a successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Ghana. Benjamin worked as Research Assistant at the University of Ghana Business School, Teaching Assistant at the University of Bergen, and recently as a Visiting Faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, tutoring: Systems Methods in Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration class, and Contemporary Decision-Making in Masters in Business Administration class.

Current Research
His research, under the supervision of Prof. Josephine K. Musango and Prof. Alan C. Brent, is entitled: Expediting transitions in unmet electricity markets: the case of leapfrogging renewable energy in Africa. It focuses on leapfrogging to renewable energy as a conduit for expediting transitions in unmet electricity markets. He is ardent on contributing in the field of sustainability research, translating research outcomes to practical output, and has a keen interest in policies relating to sustainable use of energy resources.

Fields of Interest
Energy transitions; renewable energy leapfrogging; electricity access assessment; sustainable development.