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Prof. Josephine K Musango
Founder and Executive Director

Prof Josephine K Musango is an Associate Professor with the School of Public Leadership (SPL), Stellenbosch University. She previously worked for Gauteng City-Region Observatory as Senior Researcher, Department of Energy as Deputy-Director, and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as Resource Economist. She holds bachelor degree in Agribusiness Management; master degree in Agricultural Economics; and a Transdisciplinary Doctoral in Sustainable Development.

Since May 2014, she is the Deputy-Programme Director: Sustainable Development, and is also responsible for the Renewable Energy Stream of the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES). She is NRF-rated researcher and her on–going research relates to the application of system dynamics modelling in managing change in resource management and policy related challenges, especially in the energy sector, green economy and African cities resources issues. For the last ten years, she has utilised system dynamics modelling in various contexts including resource flows analysis, aquaculture management, energy assessment, technology assessment and green economy. She also has expertise in other modelling approaches including material flow analysis, agent based modelling, discrete event modelling, Bayesian networks and econometrics. She is also the Research Group Leader for Urban Modelling and Metabolism Assessment (uMAMA) Research Team.

Prof Musango is also one of the Founding Members of South Africa System Dynamics Chapter and presently serving as Vice President of the Chapter. She has published widely in peer reviewed Journals and in international and local Conferences. Her PhD thesis was on “Technology Assessment of Renewable Energy Sustainability in South Africa”.

Fields of Interest
Resource Economist; Technology Analyst; System Dynamicist