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Paul K Currie
Founder and Team Coordinator
Doctoral Researcher

Growing up between New York and Johannesburg, Paul has a significant obsession with cities. Paul delved into evolutionary biology at Stony Brook University (New York) before returning to South Africa to do his MPhil in Sustainable Development at Stellenbosch University. He has a fascination with people and places, an interest he has been able to cultivate as a volunteer in Brazil, a student in Ghana, a traveler in India, a researcher in Nairobi, and a trekker in Nepal. His academic disciplinary pairing alongside his fascination with the dynamism of urban systems has led Paul to uMAMA to delve into resource flows, resource efficiency and resource equity in African cities. 

Current Research
Paul is comparing top-down and bottom-up approaches to collecting data on resource consumption in cities. The first output is a baseline of Cape Town’s resource consumption profile. Next steps require examining whether household metabolism is a useful scale for understanding city metabolism, potentially through presenting a differential urban metabolism of the city. Understanding different resource consumption patterns and their drivers throughout the city is useful for targeting new infrastructure development.

Fields of Interest
African urbanisation; urban metabolism; informal systems, social inequity; sustainable development; urban planetary boundaries


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