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GF (Rickus) Cronje
Masters Researcher

Rickus holds a B. Eng (Hons) obtained at the University of Stellenbosch

Research Topic
Rickus’ research title is: A Business Case for Renewable Energy Technology Leapfrogging in Urban Informal Settlements. Renewable energy has shown a potential to increase energy access for urban informal settlements. However, in a South African context, there has been resistance and limited uptake of such technologies because what is offered to the households is ‘technology’ and not ‘services’ to provide for energy needs. Developing a business model would enable renewable energy technology to leapfrog the national electricity grid in informal settlements

The aim of the research is to facilitate technology leapfrogging in urban informal settlements through the development of a business model that practical, desirable and feasible. This will be achieved through the examination of the current energy services that require electricity in urban informal settlements and the renewable energy business models that are offered to these settlements. A gap between demand and supply will be identified and through consulting other models found in literature, a business model will be developed.

Fields of Interest
renewable energy, technology leapfrogging, poverty alleviation, informal settlements