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Dr Suzanne Smit
Strategy & Ideation
Doctoral Researcher

Suzanne is passionate about work that solves real-world problems and offers new insights and perspectives on bringing about change that is environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. Her qualifications include a Master of Philosophy and Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development, both from Stellenbosch University; a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; and a National Diploma in Public Relations Management.

Suzanne’s Master’s work involved an exploratory study on connecting the green economy with the informal economy in South Africa under supervision of Dr Josephine Musango. The PhD focus takes a broader perspective, and incorporates a systems approach in connecting the urban informal settlement to the city. The study uses mixed methods including a case study of Enkanini, Stellenbosch; a multi-scale integrated analysis of societal and ecosystem metabolism; and a system dynamics modelling exercise.

Her areas of interest include sustainable development, urban metabolism, green economy, informal economy, informal settlements, gendered aspects of growth and development, stakeholder engagement, sustainable and ‘just’ cities.

Research Topic
Connecting the urban informal settlement to the city: A systems approach